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World Earth Day with turtl 🌎

World Earth Day with turtl 🌎

One day each year is dedicated to the place we can all call home - earth. But for team turtl every day is earth day as we continue in our mission to our home a better place. We donate a percentage of our profits each year to like-minded charities who have the same goals. Find out about our ‘back to the ocean’ mission here

We want to make as big of an impact as we can to reduce climate change so we’ve put together some simple things to do to help us think about the footprint we leave on our planet every day. 

  1. Simple daily things that make a difference

Buy fruit and vegetables without packaging. Little things like this reduce the demand for single-use plastics - if we don’t buy it, food manufacturers and distributors will stop using it. In 2015, over 320 million tons of plastic were produced. That's more than the weight of 45 million killer whales! 

More than 350 million tons of plastic were produced in 2015picture courtesy of Thomas Lipke on Unsplash
  1. Inspire them to get outdoors

A great pleasure in the summer! Get outside and explore. Activities like planting their own sunflowers and courgette plants are really rewarding as they’re fast-growing so they’ll see the changes in a short space of time. With an awareness of what’s involved in the growth of real plants, it’ll make them see the world as a more magical place.  

Get outdoors to make children appreciate the earthpicture courtesy of @mama_plus_three, Instagram
  1. Use reusable containers

Use lunch boxes, water bottles and food bags as much as possible. Wash and re-use food bags you might have normally thrown away. Picnics are the best place to show off your turtle-friendly reusable containers. Beeswax wraps with lovely designs are a great alternative to cling film or foil.

  1. Walk, run, jump!

Why not test our socks in a shell and get walking. Switching to walking to nursery and school will save the penguins and polar bears but also help them grow big and strong. 😉

Rain or shine - if you’re put off by the rain, you’ll never walk so embrace it. Our socks in a shell are water-resistant so great for if you get caught in a shower. ☂

Rain or shine, walk to school

  1. Reuse and recycle

Another way to get them enthusiastic about what can and can’t be recycled is to have a rummage and get creative. Use clean recycled materials you’ll find in your everyday recycling bin and let their imagination take over. Castles made out of toilet rolls, plant bots made from drinks bottles, see what you can come up with! And remember to make sure you can still recycle them afterwards.

Fun ways to get creative with recyclable materialspicture courtesy of
  1. Think outside of the toy box

Toys are a great learning tool for children, helping them develop their imagination and cognitive skills, but a lot of the toys on the market today aren't very environmentally friendly in the materials they're made with. There are alternatives available which are just as fun. Christmas, birthdays and Easter are all occasions when children are spoiled with new toys. Teaching them the harm plastic does to the environment and making this connection to the plastic toys they have, might help them see the value in the eco-friendly toys they do have. If you can’t buy plastic-free, buy pre-loved and pass them on when they’ve been outgrown. 

Some brands we love who make gorgeous turtle-friendly toys are Plan Toys, a brand which makes toys from sustainable materials and Classic World, who have a focus on toys which help with learning.

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