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Repreve® help make turtl socks in a shell

Repreve® help make turtl socks in a shell

Repreve material used in socks in a shellTurtl socks in a shell

We've specially sourced an amazing textile for the socks to our socks in a shell, Repreve®. 

Repreve's production process


great facts about Repreve® 

♻ the company Unifi, who makes Repreve® have recycled over 19 million plastic bottles

♻ compared to making brand new fibers, Repreve offsets enough energy to power 133,000 homes for 1 year 

♻ the production of these recycled material improves air quality by avoiding 385 million kgs. of CO2 emissions

♻ the process of making this textile saves the equivalent of 1.7 million people's typical daily drinking water for 1 year


watch a video on the production of Repreve

Visit their website to find out more

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