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Plastic Free July - Choose to refuse single-use plastic!

Plastic Free July - Choose to refuse single-use plastic!

“Every year between 4.8 and 12.7 million tonnes end up in our oceans, either floating in garbage patches, sinking to the seabed or washing up on beaches around the world.”

Plastic pollution is everywhere, it’s destroying our environment and it won’t stop until we do something about it. It’s vital that we take responsibility for our planet and lead the fight against our plastic crisis to protect our home, wildlife, and marine life. Plastic Free July is an annual global movement challenging people to choose to refuse single-use plastic and go plastic free in July. 

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At turtl, our mission is to clean up the ocean and reduce the production of non-recyclable plastic. Our debut product ‘socks in a shell’ are made from a combination of recycled and eco-friendly materials, causing as little impact on our environment as possible. We use fully recyclable bags in our packaging and our hangers are made from recycled cardboard. As a brand, we support the fight against plastic pollution, so raising awareness and encouraging the use of less single-use plastic is really important to us. 

Are you ready to go plastic free?

Team turtl invites you to take part in the incredible challenge to attempt to refuse single-use plastic during July. Single-use plastic is exactly that - plastic that is used once then thrown away because it can’t be recycled. We know this may be a tricky task, so even if you were to start with one change, it will still make a huge difference and could be the start of your journey towards a plastic free lifestyle! You can join us by registering your participation here.

To help you along we’ve gathered our top 5 tips for reducing single-use plastic in July (and beyond!)

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  1. Use reusable or recyclable shopping bags. Check out Turtlebags and their amazing range of organic and fairtrade bags as an alternative.
  2. BYO drinks bottle (Bring Your Own) and coffee cup. Be persistent and pick up the habit of carrying your own bottle around with you.
  3. Reduce single-use plastic in your bathroom. Eco-friendly soaps, shampoos, make up pads and cotton buds are a great way to make an impact in reducing your plastic waste. A great place to shop is

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  4. Zero waste shopping. Buy yourself some food jars or containers and shop at zero waste shops and food markets. (Most of the time it’s cheaper!) 

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  5. Clean up! We’ve all got a bit of spare time on our hands this summer, so when you set out on your walks, take a spare bag with you to collect any rubbish you find. Make it a fun challenge with the kids to spot the plastic so they learn the importance of keeping the planet clean. Little things like this prevent plastics and rubbish from finding their way into our oceans and damaging wildlife environments. 
Good luck! And you can find plenty of advice and more tips on how to be plastic free this July here.
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