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Save water; save the turtles

Save water; save the turtles

We're using nearly twice as much water as we were 60 years ago. Saving water is about living more sustainably and adapting to climate change, before it’s too late.

Did you know that by using less water we can reduce our carbon footprint? The treated water that has to travel to and from our taps, and become consumable, produces high carbon emissions, by using less, we’re helping the planet in the long (maybe short now) run.

Check out some top tips for reducing water consumption:

Washing our fruit and veggies 

By washing our fruit and vegetables in a bowl of water rather than using a running tap we can save high volumes of water, just like stopping the tap when brushing our teeth. Go one step further and use the excess liquid to water house or garden plants. 

Running taps

By leaving the tap running whilst we brush our teeth or wash our hands/face we could be wasting up to 60 litres of water, going straight down the drain, every week! When we start talking by week, month and years the number begins to look rather large! Even 6 litres a minute whilst brushing teeth seems a lot of water to waste, so let’s turn those taps off!

Shower times 

Every minute you spend in a strong-force power shower uses up to 17 litres of water . Set a timer for your usual shower, and challenge yourself to take off 20 seconds each time until you’ve reduced your shower time by 20%. Think of the water you would save and the money that could be cut on your bills!

Watering the garden 

By having a water butt to collect water when it rains, we could save up to 5,000 litres of water a year, instead of using treated tap water (and, our plants will love us for it too!). Automatic sprinklers can also increase our water usage by 33%, using a watering can can give a more precise watering and reduce wastage. 
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