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First Steps to an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

First Steps to an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Image by Margot Richard on Unsplash

At Turtl we know there is no Planet B, so we’re challenging ourselves to tick off our list of the first steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. If we all make a difference in our day-to-day lives we can help create a healthier planet. So here are our eco-friendly tips to start your journey…

Reuse & Recycle

Image by Dustan Woodhouse on Unsplash

Our number one eco friendly task is to recycle our cardboards, plastics and glass. A quick glance at the label on our food products, cleaning supplies and other items allows us to see how, and in what way, the product is recyclable. By recycling we are stopping the effects that landfill has on the environment and the plastics getting into the oceans. According to North West Waste 275,000 tonnes of plastic are used each year in the UK and most families throw away about 40kg’s of said plastics without recycling them. If we all contributed to recycling more in our homes, we could delay the inevitable decline of the planet.

Buy Local & Secondhand 

Image by Visual Stories on Unsplash
Reducing our carbon footprints can be helped by buying local produce from local stores, thus meaning less travel for the items to be sold in a store therefore reducing how much carbon is created. Also supporting local businesses allows for a growing local economy, meaning more products available. Secondhand clothes shopping stops as many clothing items being sent to landfill, as we will be wearing them instead!

Having a Food Shop Delivered

Image by Maria Lin Kim on Unsplash
This was an interesting find for us as we thought it would be worse for a delivered food shop but the logic is if 10 people are not driving to the supermarket and home again themselves and having one food delivery van do the round trip route, it will create less carbon production. Plus, how convenient for us?! 

Grow more, waste less

Image by Farsai Chaikulngamdee on Unsplash
Growing our own produce is not only a cost effective way to live but also decreases demand for single-use plastic wrapped produce in supermarkets, that will eventually end up in landfill. Even without a garden space, windowsill boxes allow for a great view in your kitchen and to grow your own herbs, fruits and veggies! A great windowsill box choice here.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products

Image by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash
Cleaning products can contain harmful chemicals, that are not environmentally friendly, we aim to start using natural and organic cleaning solutions. There are even natural recipes online to follow that we can mix ourselves in reusable spray bottles. Here is a great book recommendation on cleaning green in your home.
If we all join together we can make a huge difference. Let's save the turtles and our planet! 🌎
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