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Barefoot Benefits

Barefoot Benefits

Allowing young children to go barefoot provides a wealth of benefits. Podiatrists and academics suggest walking barefoot improves posture, foot strength and proprioception, but it isn’t always practical or safe to let our little ones run around without the protection of a shoe.
That's why the right shoes - and the correct shoe fit - are so important for healthy foot development. 
Turtl Play Shoes have been developed to promote healthy foot development whilst allowing for similar features of the ‘barefoot benefits’.
Studies in the UK have shown that almost 3/4 of us experience foot problems in one way or another at some point in our lives, so it is easy to see why your child’s foot health is so crucial to maintain. most forefoot problems are not just inherited, but actually develop in response to wearing poorly styled shoes.
When babies are taking their first steps, both indoors and outdoors, their little toes will need support and protection against the elements. When choosing your little ones size, it is important to get it right and not compromise on fit, as a toddlers nerve endings are not 100% developed yet they may not let you know when they feel pain or discomfort caused by the wrong sized shoes! At their first steps age, children can grow very quick so it’s best to keep checking their shoes every 6-8 weeks to make sure their toes aren’t getting hurt!
Letting your little ones run round the home, or outdoors, in their Turtl Play Shoes will give you peace of mind on the protection side of things as well as the healthy foot development.
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